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Toby Owen

Hi my names Toby Owen, I'm 25 years old and life hasn’t always been boxing for me.

So I started riding bikes at the age of 4 with my first motocross bike being a PW50. I spent over 10+ years within the sport competing in the final years at a very high and good level of racing.

When dad sold up when I was 17 I went down the road of just eating shit and drinking quite a lot and found myself up to around 15-16 stone at the time. This is when I found my love for boxing, don't get me wrong I've always loved and good tear up growing up like we all do but this gave me a purpose to loose weight and try out something new. I found myself in my local boxing gym at the time King Alfreds ABC where I got down to 11 stone and found myself fighting a undefeated Polish lad who’s record was 3-0. I had a bad injury in that bout where I dislocated my shoulder in the 2nd round but with true grit and determination I pushed through and won. I've had another 4 fights since then and find my record now at 5 wins 1 loss. Now at my age I feel I'm in my prime and I'm pushing to compete in the England Amateur Boxing Championships this year and hopefully in a couple of years time id like to be saying I've signed a pro contract. The gym I currently train at is a pro and amateur gym so I am around and in the best environment I could be. Thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you follow my journey to the top, BOSH👊🏻🥊

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