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The Benefits of starting your workout well hydrated

Benefits of starting your workout well hydrated

When people talk about hydration, they mostly focus on what and how much athletes should drink during exercise.

These are obviously important questions, but how hydrated you are at the start of training can also have a big impact on your performance. Drinking strong electrolyte drinks such as Lyfe Linez Hydro OG to optimise your fluid status before a long, hot, or very tough workout or event can significantly improve your performance.

We call this “preloading,” and the practice has been extensively studied among astronauts and athletes over the past two decades. There's no absolute consensus on the subject, but replenishing sodium with water before you start sweating can promote rapid fluid retention and improve endurance, especially in hot weather.


What are the advantages of preloading?

In general, once you start sweating, you'll be battling water and electrolyte depletion, so starting with adequate hydration can be very beneficial. When you start properly hydrated, your body has a larger supply of fluid to use over time, compared to if you’re dehydrated.

Getting started with adequate hydration has other benefits as well. Optimal hydration maximizes blood volume and supports overall cardiovascular function and the ability to dissipate the heat generated by working muscles. This reduces fatigue and allows you to perform longer.


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