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brand story

Lyfe Linez sports nutrition is born from a desire to bring the best quality supplements to an audience close to our hearts. Lyfe linez is the brainchild of Dave Hamlet and was inspired by being in and around all of the sports, hobbies, and activities he loves.

The Lyfe linez portfolio has been meticulously put together by one of the best formulators in the business, and based on medically backed research and dosed accordingly. We have worked tirelessly in the lab and with our ambassadors out in the field to develop something truly special. 

 The Lyfe Linez brand holds its fans health at its core. We encourage everyone to follow their passions in life and in sport. Exercise is essential to our mental health and pivotal in living a
healthy life so grab a lyfe line and let us get the most out of you!

Dave Hamlet

Dave Hamlet, the gaffer behind LyfeLinez...

At 16yrs old he joined the Army where he progressed quickly starting life as a plant operator mechanic. And after 7yrs had completed a 3yr tour of Northern Ireland, became a qualified climbing instructor, snowboard instructor and kayak instructor.

At 25yrs old starting over again in civi street with very little formal qualifications but a track record of success in anything he turned his hand to, sales and marketing became the focus of the next decade with the latter of that spent with Monster Energy and achieving the dizzy heights of Commercial Director GB & Ireland and a position on the leadership team.

Dave Co-founded the company Zoom1hr and as Managing Director taking took turnover from £0 - £2.5m with a company valuation of £9.3m overseeing 230 staff and delivering in excess of 300k deliveries. 

Our gaffer loves extreme sports...... motocross, mountain biking, slalom downhill snowboarding and skiing coupled with a passion for anything two wheels - engine or not. 

His interests don’t stop there, as a qualified PT and keen
fitness fanatic Dave has completed an array of impressive endurance based challenges from the national 3 peaks to biking from London to Paris in a day.

So in true entrepreneurial fashion Lyfe Linez is born combining his ability to bring to life an idea with his passion for all the things Lyfe Linez is centered around.  Introducing the best quality dosed supplements to the sports and scenes he loves most and looking to bring something new and useful to the

LyfeLinez.... be epic!

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