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The Diabetes Epidemic

Every day, 700 individuals are diagnosed with diabetes, joining over a million people in the UK reliant on insulin. In the workplace, this translates to a hidden but significant threat – with staggering implications including 190 amputations and 550 heart attacks weekly. The numbers are clear: diabetes is not just a health issue; it's a workplace safety crisis needing to be addressed.

Increased Workplace Risks

Statistically, it’s highly likely one or more members of your workforce has diabetes. Without proactive measures, your company faces a reality of diabetes-related incidents. The cost? Not just to your company, but to the very lives of your employees.

Introducing the DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit

A compact, easy to use, kit equipped with three fruit flavoured, caffeine and gluten free, 60ml glucose shots, ready to tackle hypoglycemic episodes head-on.

More than just a kit – it's a gateway to empowerment, offering comprehensive training accessible with a simple scan of a QR

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