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Playing football for over 15 years, with years of that being at Shrewsbury Town, Vikki has been Shrewsbury Town Women’s
Captain for the last 4 seasons. Vikki strives to be a leader and role model for the younger players coming through into the women’s game.

With the drive from the Women’s World Cup there is a energy around women’s football this year that has never been there before. Securing promotion into a new league this season could not have come at a better time. Going up into a higher league Vikki has had to focus more on nutrition and hydration to give her an edge from her opponents. 

Teaming up with Lyfelinez helps gives her that edge. It is an exciting time for Women’s football and with the support Shrewsbury Town Women is receiving, she can’t wait to see how far the team can go! 

leanne rimmer

Hi, I’m Leanne - Vice Captain of STWFC.

As a ‘mature athlete’ it is really important to prioritise my health and wellness to perform optimally. I played at Wolves for 10 years, retired/took a career break for 7-8 years, and only returned to football last season. My body needs a little more help with recovery now!

I’ve been using Lyfelinez since the beginning of the season and love the versatility of it. Whether it’s training, match days, or stacking with creatine on gym days, it’s been a great addition to my performance.

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