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Hydro bundle - Hydration + Energy

Hydro Fuel Flavour (30 x single serving sachets)
Hydro OG Flavour (30 serving tub)

Introducing the Ultimate Hydro Bundle: Elevate Your Hydration Game and Ignite Your Potential

Experience the perfect synergy of hydration and energy with our Hydro Monthly bundle, combining two of our most ground breaking products: Hydro OG and Hydro Fuel. When you choose this bundle, you're not just saving 20%, you're unlocking the door to a whole new level of functional wellness.

Hydro OG

Unleashing the Power of Functional Hydration

Dive into the world of Functional Hydration with Hydro OG, a beverage that's rewriting the rules of staying hydrated. Our mango and pineapple blend whisks you away to a tropical paradise, while the harmonious mix of cherries and mixed berries tantalizes your taste buds. But Hydro OG is more than just a delicious drink; it's a wellness powerhouse.

With scientifically backed ingredients like D-Ribose for mental clarity, Taurine for stamina, Rhodiola Rosea for optimal recovery, and Coconut Water for essential electrolytes, Hydro OG ensures you're at your best, no matter the challenge. Packed with essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, B1, B6, and B12, it's your daily companion for a fully engaged, functional life. Whether you're working hard, recovering, or playing hard, Hydro OG unlocks your full potential.

Hydro Fuel

Ignite Your Day with Revolutionary Slow Release Energy

Hydro Fuel is your key to unlocking boundless energy and focus for whatever life throws your way. With flavours like Lemon Sherbet Candy and the allure of Passion Punch, every sip is a delight.

But it's the formula that truly sets Hydro Fuel apart. With 25g of Palatinose® for steady, low-GI energy release, it's the ultimate energy drink. Taurine and Senactiv® provide the perfect boost for your body and mind, while essential minerals like calcium and magnesium ensure your body operates at its peak. To top it off, we've added Vitamins B6 and B12 for optimal metabolic function.

No more sugar spikes or quick energy crashes—Hydro Fuel provides sustained, balanced fuel to keep you going strong throughout the day. Whether you're conquering your workday, pursuing your passions, or pushing your athletic limits, Hydro Fuel is your trusted companion for optimised energy.

Elevate your wellness journey with the Hydro Bundle—because when Hydro OG and Hydro Fuel combine forces, your potential knows no bounds. Unlock the power of functional hydration and clean energy today.

Hydro Fuel Benefits

Hydro OG Benefits

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