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Dean Searles

Yoo I’m Dean,

I’m 31 years old, I ride motocross, enduro, mtb & will basically have a go at anything if it looks cool.

I used to race motocross week in week out up until 2011 but then had a few years out. Since being back riding I just started having fun & have only done the odd race since. I bought my first enduro bike about 2 years ago & love just going out in the countryside free riding with cool people finding cool spots.

I’ve recently got quite into riding my ebike & love to push myself physically when I’m out on that!

I run my own private mx track which I have mates down a lot so I spend a lot of time there hanging out riding.

I love just riding a bike, whether it’s somewhere abroad for a week or messing about on my track carpark 😂

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