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Lyfe Linez Interview with MX Nationals!

We're super excited to announce that Lyfe Linez will be the new title sponsor of the 'Fastest 40' Elite races at the Michelin MX Nationals! Read all about it here. 

The “gaffer” Dave Hamlet is pleased to be working with one of the best British championships running and made even better with being able to work with long time personal friend Paul Irwin and the legend that is Jeff Perrett, along with his side kick Neil Irwin. The plans that the team have for 2022 are exciting and we are keen to add more fuel to that fire to give fans, riders and racers the best we can.

We can’t wait to keep everyone hydrated, fuelled and help with recovery, making sure that everyone gets the best results out for the season!

Watch the video below to see Dave’s interview with Jeff from MX Nationals. Talking all about Lyfe Linez and our involvement with the Michelin MX Nationals powered by Milwaukee for 2022.

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