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New athletes and ambassadors on board!

2022 has already been a great year for Lyfe Linez! We have launched our first product, a range of branded apparel as well as welcoming 5 new athletes and ambassadors to the Lyfe Linez family before February is over!

In January we had two incredible motocross athletes join the team. The first one to join the team was Lauren-May Collingwood. Lauren is a motocross athlete who will be competing in the women’s British championship and women’s world motocross championship this year, so we’re super stoked to have this incredible talent on board!

The next motocross athlete to join the team was Rory Jones, Rory has been riding since the age of 4 and this year will be riding a SX250 KMT in the AMCA British championship, as well as making his pro debut in the MX2 class at the Bridgestone British masters.

Entering February, we continued to welcome some great athletes! Chris Rigby, was our third athlete of 2022 to come on board and our first CrossFit / Functional Fitness athlete! Chris is 37 years old with over 20+ years of experience and education within Fitness. He is competitive within CrossFit and Functional Fitness while sharing knowledge and passion through his online coaching platform - RIG Training.

February has also brought us our first combat sport ambassador Toby Owen. Toby is currently pushing to compete in the England Amateur Boxing Championships this year and in a couple of years’ time he is hoping to sign a pro contract.

Our first product, Hydro OG, is great for any sport or lifestyle, therefore we are always looking for athletes and ambassadors who can really test our formulation. An athlete who could demonstrate just how versatile Hydro OG is, is Dean Searles!

Dean Searles is 31 years old, he rides motocross, enduro, mountain bikes and will basically have a go at anything if it looks cool! We can’t wait to see how Hydro OG can support Dean’s performance in everyday life and during the many activities he loves.  

We are looking forward to the rest of 2022 to see what other incredible athletes will be joining the family. In the meantime, read all about our ambassadors here.

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